Freckled Life

Tonight involved someone handsome cooking for me, back porch dining, the prettiest sunset Dutch Cove has possibly ever seen, red wine, Creedence records, and a whole lotta me swooning.  


understand that everybody ain’t got the same heart and mind as you.

Five Jessi Facts You Might Not Know Yet

- I helped lead worship for a little over a year

- Someone has attended a Halloween party as me 

- When I met Chuck Palahniuk as a wee lamb, I asked him to write me a letter of recommendation to the University of Montana. He said maybe. 

- I used to be in a Randy Travis tribute band. It was pretty serious.

- When I am drunk, and someone asks me to make them a drink, I will put Tang in it. 


(by Andy 58)

All I want is someone brave enough to kiss my cheek when there’s poison ivy on it. 


i am grateful for shakey graves introducing me to these guys everyday.

I am grateful for these guys introducing me to shakey graves everyday.

Johnny Cash on a hunting trip, c. 1960s
Johnny Cash on a hunting trip, c. 1960s


date yourself a man who knows what he wants and goes after what he wants

that knows he wants you and demonstrates that you’re exactly what he wants

stop dealing with wishy washy, indecisive, maybe/perhaps/kinda/sorta men